Wayan Winawan

Born and growing up in Bali, he is a seasoned hotelier that is naturally gifted and bring with him 20 over years of local and international experience that he gained from some of award winning resorts including The Ritz Carlton, Le Meridien, The Villas, Prana Spa, Karma Resorts and The Ulin Villas.

He genuinely believes in the philosophy of “loving-kindness” as the most affirmative energy in hospitality – “happy when others are happy”. Wayan Winawan is a certified member of Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) a global initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices around the world. He is also serving as Senior Advisor at MarkPlus Tourism (a division of, and an active member of IMA (Indonesian Marketing Association) as a Director of Tourism.

Away from his daily life as an enthusiastic hotelier, Wayan Winawan practices meditation where he finds the true meaning of a harmonious mind and balanced life. He is serving as Meditation Instructor at Bali Usada Meditation.