We do hope our little steps in supporting sustainable practices and eco-friendly approach can inspire our friends within tourism and hospitality industry. Moving towards sustainable future, together. 

This include the use of Solar PV to reduce the consumption of the conventional electricity supply, also the integration of grey water treatment technology so that the shower water and bathroom tap water can be recycled to water back our garden. 

Our goal is to minimize waste to the landfill by doing composting and separation between organic and non-organic waste. Whenever possible we also incorporate latest technology on STP (sewage treatment plan) in our Hotels, Villas and Restaurants.  

To cooperate with the experts to help us to better plan our daily operations, activities and our future projects to be more eco-friendly and to minimize the negative impacts to the environment. 

Within our entire operation we avoid using single use plastic. We encourage our guest to bring their own refillable bottle and they can refill their bottle with us free.

We educate our guests with local knowledge and provide them with what DO’S and DONT’S. When designing travel experience, we always listen to the local society, respect the indigenous culture and traditions.

We always prefer and love to support local products, partners and suppliers. It will help to continually improve the prosperity of the local community

They are the true heart and soul of our organization. We focus closely on their wellbeing by nurturing their talents, provide educational trainings, creating positive working ecosystem and a balanced way of life.