We offer a comprehensive list of services and expertise with a holistic approach on result and impact. Ekosistem Hotels and Villas bring years of hands-on experience, proven techniques and tested solutions. 

Ongoing Management:

  1. Sales and Marketing:
    • Develop sales and marketing plans (short and long terms)
    • Manage the execution of the sales and marketing plan
    • Create a sales analysis
    • Responsible for overseeing sales and marketing activities including contracting and yield management 
    • Re-positioning and re-branding (when necessary) 
  2. Operations:
    • Develop GAS (guideline action system) and management policies 
    • Responsible for all aspects of operations 
    • Assess and review operational performance 
    • Develop training programs 
    • Executive placement 
  3. Talent Development:
    • Staff and talent recruitment 
    • Human resources planning and development
    • Perform appraisals for management and staff 
    • Create and execute training programs 
  4. Finance:
    • Develop and create annual financial budget
    • Present monthly and annual financial statements (cash flow report, balance sheet, profit and loss report) 
    • Annual capital expenditure planning 
    • Manage purchases and accounts receivable and payable 

Pre-Opening Assistance:

  1. Project conceptualization 
  2. Property design and layout advice 
  3. Pre-opening budget development
  4. Feasibility studies and financial projections including profit and loss statement, return on investment planning
  5. Sales and Marketing consultancy (sales & marketing plans, market study and PR planning)
  6. Develop GOC (general operating criteria), critical paths and departmental check list 
  7. Develop guideline action system (GAS) for all departments
  8. Advise on hotel information system (hotel IT system – FO, SM and Accounting)
  9. Technical assistance 

Quality Assurance:

We provide an off-site management service to identify key strengths and weaknesses pertaining to products and services available. This service includes a mystery shopper and a follow -up with advice, solutions and action plans.